Almost 60% of Americans now access the internet through mobile devices. As that number continues to grow, so does the importance that every business has a mobile friendly website. The Mobile Development Team at ShoxWeb has the experience and knowledge to design and built a mobile-capable website that will help you capture this expanding market.

What Makes Mobile Site Different?

Sites constructed for mobile users will be viewed on smaller screens and need to be constructed appropriately to maximize their appearance and functionality. They need to continue to push your branding while converting these mobile visitors into customers. .

Mobile visitors also use their devices differently that desktop users. They tend to be more impatient and often multi-talk. They use their devices to achieve specific goal. They tend to be more tech savvy and have more expendable incomes.

Efficient Designs that are Stunning

At Shox, Mobile Development is at the forefront of how we approach our designs. We take meticulous care to make sure we use the appropriate approach in the design and construction of your site. Shox Digital Design will put our experience and creative talents to work for you with Mobile Site that is visually stunning, mobile friendly, and effective.

Now days more and more business are making the move to mobile Sites. Don’t be left any further behind. Contact us today and begin capturing more than your fair share of today’s mobile market

60% of online search is done on a mobile device.
Is your website ready?